Specifications - Master

For smooth collaboration and optimal results, please observe the following notes and specifications:

During content authoring and/or delivery of the master (Layer 0 and 1), please ensure that a (pre)master is not written beyond the maximum radius of 57.50!

In case the disc is written beyond this radius, then digiCon AG does not guarantee its operability.
Further details: The BLI 0/1 (Begin Lead In, Layer 0 / 1) in a DVD in accordance with Philips specification begins at a radius of 23.80 (to 24.10) and ends at 57.50; analogous in a CD.

In addition, one could describe data tracks with pits & lands, however, a disc would then be produced so to speak "out of specification," therefore no guarantee can be granted regarding the operability. We therefore request our customers therefore to direct respective authoring studios to uphold this specification.

Input media for the production of DVD and CD

The delivery of the production template (premaster) for DVD and CD must be in the following form:

Input mediaPossible formatsComments
DVD and CD recordableDVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, CD-R, CD-RW, DL DVD+RThe DVD/CD-types must be complete and may not contain a copyright. Dual Layer Disc is a possible template for DVD-9 production. A DVD-5 should not have more than 2219271 sectors. That applies also to both layers of a DVD-10. The layer of a DVD-9 may not have more than 2024335 sectors in order to fit on 57.5 mm.
DVD and CD pre-recordedDVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, CD-ROM, Audio-CDCDs and DVDs must not contain copyright.
DLTs (digital linear tapes)DLT tapes type III and type IVDLTs must contain data image, ddp and control. dat.
External hard diskwith USB 2.0 or firewire interfaceData image, ddp and control.dat must be available.
Data transmission via FTPYou will receive your FTP access data through your responsible digiCon sales manager.
We exclusively use nero images, both for CDs and DVDs.
DDP images in the 2.0 or 2.1 version are acceptable. In order to rule out transmission errors, they should be in zip-form and/or provided with a check sum. The tool required to create the check sum is included with the instructions in every customer account.
We cannot process cue sheets, sd2f-images or similar.



Use only brand blanks of higher quality for recordable media, premasters must be clean and undamaged. Damages (fingerprints, scratches, dust) can severely impair the quality and lead to illegibility. Use only especially specifically suitable pens for the inscription of the premaster. Select suitable packaging for delivery.