Gema & Co.

Authors or owners copyright (mechanical reproduction rights).

Each country has its own discerning institution in order to control and invoice authors or owners copyrights. In Germany this board is called the GEMA. The individual institutions are connected worldwide with each other, so that the payments from authors, or rather the originators, license-fees are guaranteed.

It is necessary, though, to register the production in the corresponding country of the customer/ applicant, where the respective discerning institution is responsible. The registration contains the DVD-/CD-factory information; the factory, which is assigned for the production of sound, video or data carriers.

The DVD-/CD plant begins with the production after receiving the “approval” of the license board. That means, that if you register your production at one of the license boards, please inform them to send your exemption directly to us.

In any case, we will send you our form regarding registration or license-free production in advance, so that we can start without delay.

License-free means, that authors or owners are not members of a discerning institution. If they are, though, there will be a license-fee depending on the amount and usage per produced CD/DVD. Very often the license-fee will be billed before the approval is sent out.

We do not need (for example) a GEMA approval if you already have a contract with the board. Please just send us a copy.

In the following you can find links to different discerning institutions. Be careful to choose your country of registration.

Rights to Sound and Video Recordings

Before reproducing a medium, all rights regarding contents ought to be cleared.
The right to duplicate sound and video material, or even parts of it, belongs only to the owner or license keeper of the recording.

If you are neither the owner nor the authorized license keeper, the legal situation needs to be verified. The lawful use of each and every music passage of a CD ROM or a film, irrespective of its file format, needs to be checked. This also goes for each and every film passage.

Rights to Documents and Software (CD-Rom)

The legal situation considering software and files must also be checked before reproducing. So called “shareware” may be used freely, but in case of reproduction it must be requested for from the owner.

Rights to Texts and Pictures on Printed Matter

Please, notice that there also are owner rights regarding pictures and fonts. If you use photos or logos for creating your printed matter, you should clear the legal situation for this.