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Order directly from the factory- without intermediate trade - starting from 100 data carriers onwards! Delivery overnight within Europe.

The digiCon AG, established in 1994, is one of the most modern independent
manufacturers of high quality data carriers in Europe today. The most renowned
publishing houses, music studios and industrial companies are amongst our

  • Copyright protection systems
  • Highend offset and screen printing
  • ISO quality assurance
  • Express production possible
  • Printing and packaging centre
  • Media project management
  • Authoring studio
  • English speaking customer service

DVD Production Process

In the following, we describe the process, when you produce a DVD at digiCon. In order to have a smooth DVD production, we recommend to follow these steps:

1. Prices for the DVD Production

If you have difficulties with our online calculator or can´t find the correct items, simply send us an e mail. We will prepare an offer due to your description.

2. How to place an order

In order to avoid production bottlenecks, you may place your order for your DVD production in advance, provided that you know when you have the files ready for production. In this case we can make a reservation.

Just send us a brief order confirmation, mentioning the offer number, the amount, the preferred delivery date as well as the invoice- and delivery address. We need the following data from you in order to replicate your DVD:

  • Name, address and contact details ( e mail and  telephone number)
  • Delivery address for the pressed DVDs
  • Private addresses urgently require an available telephone number
  • Confirmation of MCPS licence / Confirmation of ownership of rights
  • Printfiles for the DVD production (please ask for our specifications). We can provide you with our server log in.
  • Master DVD. You can send us your master as a DVD-R. We will replicate it 1:1. If you wish a video-DVD, please choose the video-DVD format in your burning programme. We cannot work with “open” files such as mpeg-files. You can also send us zipped image files (we prefer Nero or Toast (Mac).

3. Data control before pressing your DVD

When we have received all files from you, we will check the suitability due to our master specifications in order to avoid technical mistakes. We do not check completeness and contents. Should we find mistakes in the printing files or master, you will receive a mail from us. Otherwise we send our order confirmation with the estimated delivery date and begin to produce the printed matter as well as to press the DVD.

Any changes of files at this point mean additional costs! Please control your files regarding content-related errors, before sending them to us.

If you order the first time at digiCon, you will receive a pre-payment invoice. This means delivery only after that our bookkeeping has registered your payment. The production will start immediately after receiving all files, though, in order to avoid delays.

4. Production of your DVD

In the following pages we describe each step during the DVD replication: how we make the glass master, how we press your DVD, the printing of it, checking and packing. By clicking the arrow to the right above, several pictures will demonstrate the process.

5. Delivery of your replicated DVD

We have got many forwarder who will deliver your goods depending on your delivery address. Please make sure that the shipment will be accepted. Within Germany the delivery time takes approximately 2-3 working days. Within Europe between 2-5 working days. Delivery normally between 8 o´clock a.m. and 6 o´clock p.m. Express delivery is possible – please ask for the additional costs. We look forward to receiving your order. Please contact us under 00-49 (0)7154 / 8230230.

Sales and marketing team

DVD Produktion - Michael Gerlach

Maria Morsch
Intern. Sales Manager
eMail: Maria Morsch

Personal advice:

+49 (0)7154/8230 230

CD/DVD packaging

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