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Order directly from the factory- without intermediate trade - starting from 100 data carriers onwards! Delivery overnight within Europe.

The digiCon AG, established in 1994, is one of the most modern independent
manufacturers of high quality data carriers in Europe today. The most renowned
publishing houses, music studios and industrial companies are amongst our

  • Copyright protection systems
  • Highend offset and screen printing
  • ISO quality assurance
  • Express production possible
  • Printing and packaging centre
  • Media project management
  • Authoring studio
  • English speaking customer service



Service at your CD / DVD Plant

Know-how and professional expertise distinguish our round 100 employees within replication, service and sales. We support you all the way on replication-related matters with our extensive technical guidance and project planning. Our services provide everything from a single source, including data-check as well as pressing of the CD / DVD, print, packaging and assembly. We are the right choice for you as a CD / DVD pressing plant when it comes to common or specific requirements.

Best Price for your CD / DVD Replication

A good price within the media industry gains importance. The market for CD / DVD replication has become less transparent and is depending from many different factors, such as the price of the raw material polycarbonate. The more important it has become to our clients to order directly from the CD / DVD factory. This way you are able to avoid additional supplements via subdistributors.

Highest CD and DVD Quality

5 employees are assigned with permanent quality assurance and controlling. Each CD / DVD production is subject to a 7time quality control. Latest CD / DVD pressing technology and high-end offset printing machines ensure highest possible quality to leave our factory. In accordance with TÜV-Süd controlling, our digiCon quality management system has several times received the DIN ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Complete Service for your Media Appearance

Visual appearance as well as haptic, play an outstanding role of your media within sales.

Therefore we offer you a big variety of superior packages and fulfil extraordinary requests. We not only print inlays and booklets in high quality. You can order all kinds of printing material in different sizes and forms; in combination with your optical disc or just like that. Please, call us. We´ll be happy to help you!

We support you through the whole production, from the beginning of the conception to the final product. Together with our professional partners we not only produce the complete film of your event but also cut the material and prepare premium masters. Tailored for your purpose, for your CD, DVD, Blu-Ray or your web presence.

Personal Support of your CD / DVD Production

Before, during and also after you have produced a CD or DVD at our plant, you will receive personal  support from our sales department and customer service. Working throughout whole Europe we yearly serve thousands of clients and press many millions of CDs and DVDs.

Big and small customers belong to our purchasers – from youth bands, who press their first CD, to big industrial companies, who entrust their whole DVD production to us. Your contentment is our focus with each CD / DVD production.

Delivery and Date Reliability

All of your CD / DVD productions have their special cause and need to arrive on time. This is why we commit ourselves to do our very best in order to deliver on time. You will receive our order confirmation with an estimated outgoing delivery date, but we promise you to take your required date very seriously to keep up with your schedule. It is also possible to ask for our express service.



Sales and marketing team

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Maria Morsch
Intern. Sales Manager
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Personal advice:

+49 (0)7154/8230 230

CD/DVD packaging

CD / DVD pressen - digipack
CD / DVD pressen - DVD Box
CD / DVD pressen - Jewelbox
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