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CD Presswerk
DVD Produktion

digiCon AG - Europe's large CD/DVD Replicator

Order directly from the factory- without intermediate trade - starting from 100 data carriers onwards! Delivery overnight within Europe.

The digiCon AG, established in 1994, is one of the most modern independent
manufacturers of high quality data carriers in Europe today. The most renowned
publishing houses, music studios and industrial companies are amongst our

  • In-house glass mastering
  • Copyright protection systems
  • High-end offset printing
  • ISO quality assurance
  • 48h-delivery within Europe
  • In-house printing and packaging centre
  • Media project management
  • English speaking customer service



Sales and marketing team

CD pressen - Eva Domanski

Maria Morsch
Intern. Sales Manager
eMail: Maria Morsch

Personal advice:

+49 (0)7154/8230 230

CD/DVD packaging

CD / DVD pressen - digipack
CD / DVD pressen - DVD Box
CD / DVD pressen - Jewelbox
CD / DVD pressen - Kartonstecktasche